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Seasons change, but our dedication to provide the perfect customer experience never will. That is why the ACE corporate logo depicts the four seasons; which also reflects our zeal to serve our customers 365 days of the year.


Ace Centro Enterprises (ACE) offers a broad spectrum of engineering products, technical services and rental solutions to its clients in the Petrochemical, Marine, Civil Construction, Quarrying and Mining sectors. The strong, customer focused approach and the continuous quest for the best quality service, has enabled ACE to be one of the most valued and trusted partners in the business of engineering equipment and rental solutions.


Ace Centro Enterprises (ACE) supplies industrial vacuum systems, vacuum trucks for liquid waste and solid debris, hydro excavation equipment, super suckers, vacuum extractor trailers, pneumatic sludge pumps, pneumatic conveying systems, vacuum pumps, vacuum/suction hoses, road-mobile ship unloaders, pneumatic ship loader/unloader arms, hydraulic hoppers for port discharging, fixed and portable belt conveyors, self-propelled dredgers, remote-controlled mini dredge, modular pontoons, amphibious excavators, electric dredging pumps, ATEX rated and underwater operated hammer drills, hydraulic breakers, hydraulic disc saws, hydraulic grinders, hydraulic core drills and hydraulic submersible pumps - all driven by hydraulic power packs, slurry pumps, sewage and drainage pumps, sand and gravel mining pumps, crude oil transfer pumps, fuel pumps, chemical metering and injector pumps, bentonite pumps, mortar pumps, stucco pumps, spray plastering machines, dry sand and pea gravel transfer pumps, self levelling floor screed pumps, portable concrete mixers, stationary concrete pumps for high-rise and long distance pumping of ready mixed screed and concrete, remote controlled concrete distributor booms, hydraulic placing booms, remote controlled concrete buckets, concrete mattresses, concrete hoses, concrete delivery pipelines, victaulic couplings, concrete squeeze hose pumps, dry gunite machines, wet shotcrete pumps, robotic shotcreting and guniting spray arms, mobile shotcrete equipment, tunneling and mining equipment, handheld paint mixers, heavy-duty refractory mixers, refractory equipment, cementitious fireproofing machines, intumescent PFP (Passive Fire Proofing) spraying equipment, plural component sprayers, chemical dosing systems, additive injector pumps, culvert and pipelining equipment, centrifugal shaft lining equipment, peristaltic pumps for spraying solids mixed in epoxy coatings, crack injection machines, resin grout pumps, cement injection pumps, grout bags, mortar hoses, hand grout pumps, colloidal mixers, colloidal grouting equipment, portable grout plants, automated grout mixing plants for TBM - tunnel boring machines, water flowmeters, dredged sand flowmeter, ultrasonic flow meters for monitoring and recording grout and concrete, mud agitators, inspection camera systems for sewer pipelines and manholes, tank inspection and cleaning equipment, ROV - Remotely Operated Vehicles for subsea surveys, USV - Unmanned Surface Vehicles for underwater video footage, self-propelled remote controlled floats, hose floaters and buoys, dredging hoses, silt curtains, water storage bladder tanks and fire resistant industrial tarps.


The Rental Solutions Dept. of ACE hires out industrial vacuum systems, hydro excavation equipment, vacuum extractors for slurry liquids and solid debris, pneumatic conveying systems, 18” cable dredgers, ROV - Remote Operated Vehicle mini-dredgers, hydraulic power packs, submersible dredging pumps for slurry, sewage, drainage and sand mining, vacuum extraction and pneumatic conveying systems, cementitious & intumescent fire proofing machines, refractory pan mixers, remote controlled buckets, hydraulic trash pumps with portable power packs, bentonite pumps, plaster pumps, sweet soil & sand transfer pumps, floor screed & concrete pumps, portable concrete mixers, peristaltic squeeze hose pumps, hot epoxy pumps, tunnel shotcrete robots, gunning machines, foam concrete pumps, injection grout pumps, colloidal grout mixers, high pressure grouting equipment and concrete delivery pipelines, to its clients in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.


Through its sales organization in the Arabian Gulf, ACE supplies specialized products to its clients in the Middle Eastern and African markets for numerous projects in petrochemical installations, dredging, quarrying, mining, marine and civil construction sector.

Please contact us on +971 50 6355009 or with your requirements and we will be glad to offer you a solution to suit your project.