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Inconel 825
Inconel 825 Inconel 825 :

Prestige Metalloys LLC is one of the pioneer exporting houses of Inconel 825 Round Bars , which was approved by the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee. It was the first of these alloys and it was slightly modified into Incoloy 800H Bars, where this modification was to control carbon and grain size to optimize stress rupture properties.

Inconel 825 Flat Bars of Prestige Metalloys LLC has further modifications to the combined titanium and aluminium levels to ensure optimum high temperature properties. The chemical balance allows the alloy to exhibit excellent resistance to carburization, oxidation and nitriding atmospheres.

Inconel 825 Hex Bars of Prestige Metalloys LLC will not become embrittled even after long periods of usage in the 1200 Degree F - 1600 Degree F range where many stainless steels become brittle. Excellent cold forming characteristics typically associated with the nickel-chromium alloys are exhibited with Incoloy 800HT. When cold formed extensively the grain size produces a visibly undulated surface called "orange peel".

Inconel 825 Sheets of Prestige Metalloys LLC offers higher elevated temperature characteristics and has better creeping and stress rupture properties at the temperature limits up to 1100 Degree F – 1800 Degree F or 593 Degree C to 982 Degree C. The chemical composition of Inconel 825 Plates is designed to provide exceptional resistance to various corrosive environments, where the majority of Incoloy alloys make additions to a nickel-iron-chromium base.

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