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Nitronic 50
Nitronic 50 Nitronic 50 :

Prestige Metalloys LLC is one of the well-established supplier and dealer of Nitronic 50 Round Bars , which is homogenous throughout the material and have about twice the yield strength of SS 304L and SS 316L. Nitronic 50 Flat Bars offered by Prestige Metalloys LLC is used in marine environments including boat shafting and solid rod rigging, which were specifically developed to have superior resistance to galling and metal to metal wear.

Nitronic 50 Plates are austenitic, high-strength, corrosion-resistant products that provide higher-performance alternatives to many conventional 300 and 400 Series stainless steels. Annealing can be performed at a temperature range between the ranges of 2020 Degree F – 2150 Degree F followed by a rapid quench.

Nitronic 50 Hex Bars of Prestige Metalloys LLC provide excellent mechanical properties at both sub-zero and elevated temperatures, impact resistance at low temperatures and, superb resistance to high-temperature oxidation yet retain good weldability and fabricability, and remain non-magnetic even after extensive cold working. Seawater is probably the most common aqueous salt solution. Not only is it encountered in marine transportation and offshore oil rigs, but it is also used as a coolant in coastal facilities.

Nitronic 50 Sheets offered by Prestige Metalloys LLC was selected for this application after extensive testing in the actual bleach washer environment. Cooling at an accelerated rate avoids the formation of detrimental phases which form in the range of 1400 Degree – 1800 Degree F.

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