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Details of Azhari General Trading LLC
Azhari General Trading LLC
Products / Services : Team Azhari comprises of individuals from different industry background bringing in experience of more than 60 years collectively.

Since its inception in 2006 we have always followed the principle of quality, quantity, quickly. Starting from Indian leather goods to the current day expansion into electronics reflects our commitment to diversify and expand.

Today we have multiple divisions like Retail, Natural Stones, textile, Cosmetics, Opticals, and Electronics.

With global presence and reach, we are now moving into the next generation with a focused vision which will enable us to achieve our goals successfully.
Contact Person : Mr. Zafar Faridi
Detail Address : P. O. Box 65303 SHARJAH United Arab Emirates
Telephone No : 00971 65639980 / 055 656 2310
Fax No :
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