The main uses are:

♦ Thermal insulation

♦ Acoustic insulation

♦ Fire protection

The key benefits of insulation are:

♦ Reduce heat loss for fuel savings ♦ Personal protection from fire ♦ Personal protection to create a comfortable working condition

♦ Reduce sound levels

♦ Control temperature drop

♦ Preventing condensation of outside ducts and pipes

Rockwool has the following properties:

♦ Low thermal conductivity

♦ High temperature resistance up to 780°C

♦ Non-combustible

♦ Wide temperature range

♦ No thermal shock

♦ Fire resistant

♦ Highly resistant to deformation ♦ Non-hygroscopic, non-capillary, water repellent and does not absorb moisture from air

♦ High sound absorption ♦ Chemically neutral and does not create corrosion

♦ Asbestos free

♦ Non-carcinogenic

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