FUCHS LUBRITECH Railways lubricants- GHANIM TRADINGI UAE , OMAN +97142821100

Primer for large Open Gears and for the lubrication of toothed racks and sliding surfaces
Graphite-containing paste spray with EP and tackiness improvers
Eco-friendly adhesive lubricant in-cluding solid lubricants for the lubrication of gears, buffer disks and screw couplings of railway vehicles as well as plate link chains
Eco-friendly, fully synthetic adhesive lubricant with solid lubricants
Ecological, rapidly biodegradable rail and wheel flange lubricant
Ecological, biodegradable semifluid grease
Environmentally harmless paste for reducing noise on rail vehicles occurring in the wheel/rail contact area
Environmentally harmless free-flowing paste for noise reduction on rail vehicles in the wheel/rail contact area
Ecological, rapidly biodegradable lubricant
Ecological rail lubricant
Environmentally harmless semi-fluid grease, biodegradable
Ecological rail lubricant
Ecological rail lubricant
Environmentally harmless rail lubricant
Special environmentally harmless grease for lubricating rail flanks

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