ABB Circuit Breakers

<table border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5"><tbody><tr><td width="33%" align="center"><table border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5"><tbody><tr><td width="200" align="center"><a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" alt="ABB SN201 Miniature Circuit-Breakers 1P+N In One Module Distributors" border="0">
SN201 Miniature</a></td>

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<p align="justify">The System pro M compact complete miniature

system, designed by ABB to meet all the installation

requirements, expands its

offering with the new SN201 series 1P+N miniature circuit-breakers in a

module. Totally renewed,

these products replace the S9

series and perfectly integrate with the System pro M compact MCB range,

starting from the

identical profile, that lends a

coordinated and streamlined look to the installation.</p>

<p align="justify">The new 1P+N

miniature circuit-breakers are a technologically advanced and

comprehensive range, as concerns

size, tripping characteristics,

breaking capacity and accessories. They are available with rated

currents from 2 to 40A, in

the version with "C"

characteristic, and with rated currents from 6 to 40A, in the version

with "B" and "D" characteristics.

As for breaking capacity, the

range includes 4.5kA, 6kA and 10kA versions.</p>




<td width="200" align="center"><a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" alt="ABB Tmax Molded Case Circuit Breakers Distributors" border="0">
Tmax Molded Case</a></td>

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<p align="justify">The ABB Tmax breaker has been developed to

complement the performance-proven Isomax line of circuit breakers.

This new breaker, with a range

up to 600A, has several very big features that go along with its very

small size.</p>

<ul><li>Double insulation</li><li>Positive operation</li><li>Tmax Series can be installed in panels and switchboards in either the horizontal or vertical planes while being fed from

either end without any derating of their performance characteristics.</li><li>Two ranges of accessories</li><li>Interrupt ratings at 480VAC up to 150kAIC.</li><li>UL Listed and IEC rated for global application and acceptance.</li></ul>




<td width="200" align="center"><a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" alt="ABB F200 F670 Residual Current Devices Circuit Breakers Distributor" border="0">
F200 &amp; F670 Series Residual Current Device</a></td>

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<p align="justify">ABB RCDs provide ground fault equipment

protection by monitoring the leakage of current to

ground. The F200 and F670 series will trip when ground faults

are detected in excess of the GF trip rating of the device. These

devices provide GF protection only and are used in series with

standard MCBs which provide overload and short circuit protection.

The F200 and F670 series can be used as a main device

providing GF protection for several MCB branch devices.</p>

<ul><li>The F200 and F670 series are UL1053 recognized for use in 480Y/277VAC applications.</li><li>The F202 and F672 is for use in single phase/two wire or two wire systems. The F204 and F674 is for use in three

phase/four wire systems.</li><li>The F200 and F670 series RCDs replace the F360, F370 and F660 series with no change in fit, form or function.</li><li>The F200 and F670 have a profile similar to the S2 MCBs and can be used with the MCB busbars.</li></ul>




<td width="200" align="center"><a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" alt="ABB Isomax Molded Case Circuit Breakers Distributors" border="0">
Isomax S3, S4, S5, S6, S7 &amp; S8 Molded Case</a></td>

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<p align="justify">The S3 ABB Isomax breaker family ranges

from 15 through 225 amperes. The S3 trip

mechanisms are non-interchangeable and use sensitive

electromagnetic relays for overcurrent trip protection. Heat sensitive

bimetals are used for <a href=" Overcurrent Protection</a>.

Short circuit current protection begins at 10 times the thermal rating

of the breaker and uses a magnetic coil principle. To meet all

application needs, the S3 is available in various versions:</p>

<ul><li>T = Thermal-magnetic</li><li>Q = 100% UL rated</li><li>D = Molded case switch</li><li>M = Magnetic only (MCP)</li><li>G = 3X Mag (100 - 225A 3-pole only)</li></ul>




<td width="200" align="center"><a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" alt="ABB S800PV High Performance Photovoltaic Miniature Circuit Breakers Distributor" border="0">
S800PV High Performance Photovoltaic</a></td>

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<p align="justify">The High-Performance MCB S800PV-S specially

developed for use in photovoltaic systems offers reliable

protection for PV modules and

lines against reverse currents from defective strings and AC

regenerative feedback due to

defective inverters. The high

demands of PV systems have already been taken into consideration in the

development of the


<ul><li>Optimum protection for cost-intensive system components &amp; Simple fault signalling</li><li>Minimised standstill times thanks to reclosing capability &amp; High ambient temperatures</li><li>Covers all common PV system voltages and currents</li><li>Selective string shutdown even under load</li><li>Easy installation thanks to DIN rail mounting</li><li>Remote shutdown using working current and low-voltage trips possible</li><li>In operation worldwide in generator terminal boxes and inverters</li></ul>




<td width="200" align="center"><a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" alt="ABB S800 High Performance Circuit Breakers Distributor" border="0">
S800 Series High Performance</a></td>

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<p align="justify">ABB High Performance MCBs of the S800S

series limit energy and power in the event of a

short-circuit cut-off. The specially developed double arc

chamber system ensures these outstanding operating properties. Other

outstanding properties of the S800S are:</p>

<ul><li>Convincing: selectivity to upstream overcurrent protection equipment due to a total cut-off time of just

&lt; 2.5 ms.</li><li>Safe: Outstanding back-up protection thanks to the feature of limiting energy to a value of &lt; 100 000 A2s

(125A/50kA).</li><li>Loading Capabilities: up to 125A rated current</li><li>Tested: 50kA rated ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity</li><li>Optional: characteristics B, C, D, K, KM, UCB, UCK (UL489 series currently being prepared).</li><li>Compact: the tiniest of dimensions.</li><li>Flexible: accessories are fitted by the customer.</li><li>Optimum: the new S800S is the perfect supplement to the existing ABB low-voltage range.</li></ul>




<td width="200" align="center"><a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" alt="ABB Emax Power Circuit Breakers Distributors" border="0">
Emax Air/Power</a></td>

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<p align="justify">ABB's Emax series of low voltage power

circuit breakers embodies over half a century's experience and

technological development in

power circuit breakers. The Emax offers a series of breakers that is

totally innovative in its

technological design, ease of

installation and use, making it the ideal solution for the growing

requirements of designers,

switchboard and switchgear

manufacturers, installers, OEMs and users.</p>

<p align="justify">The Emax

power circuit breakers are UL Listed and meet the ANSI Standard for low

voltage power circuit

breakers. ABB Emax power circuit

breakers are available in five different models (four sizes) with rated

continuous current

from 800A to 5000A and rated

short-circuit current range from 42kA to 125kA (480V).</p>




<td width="200" align="center"><a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" alt="ABB ATS021 &amp; ATS022 Automatic Transfer Switch Distributor" border="0">
ATS021 &amp; ATS022</a></td>

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<p align="justify">ABB presents the new generation of

automatic transfer switch, the result of a worldwide experience on low

voltage applications. The new

generation of ATS family - ATS021 and ATS022 offers the most advanced

and comprehensive

solution in power continuity.

Reliability, safety and intelligence are the top features of the brand

new range of ATS family

which is in compliance with

world standards, simple to configure and fitting all application


<p align="justify">Moreover, the perfect integration with all ABB circuit-breakers and

<a href="

ensures a complete coordinated system. The ATS family is highly

suited to use in all emergency

power supply systems where ready to install, easy to use and reliable

solutions are required.

ABB automatic transfer switches

ensure service continuity with a number of built in integrated safety





<td width="200" align="center"><a href=" src=" alt="ABB Type MS116 Manual Motor Protectors Distributor" border="0">
Type MS Manual Motor Protectors</a></td>


<p align="justify">Manual motor protectors provide a reliable,

cost-effective solution for motor protection for the material

handling industry. The ABB Type

MS manual motor protectors (MPP) are a wide range of products providing

highly efficient motor

protection up to 100 Amps. The

short circuit breaking capacity of these devices can reach up to 100 kA

depending on the MMP

type used, without the need for

any special upstream protection.</p>

<p align="justify">Additionally,

the ABB Type MS MMP increases the reliability of applications due to

the quick reaction time,

switching off the motor within

3ms, under shortcircuit conditions that could cause motor damage.</p>




<td width="200" align="center"><a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" alt="ABB S500 Miniature Circuit Breakers Distributors" border="0">
S500 Series</a></td>

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<p align="justify">The S500 heavy-duty ABB circuit breaker

fulfills these requirements by virtue of its

technical features. It is equipped with a thermal and/or

electromagnetic release to protect circuits, motors, switchgear and

systems from the effects of overload and short-circuit


<ul><li>High breaking capacity</li><li>Energy-limiting, Current-limiting</li><li>Optimal selectivity</li><li>Various versions for special applications</li><li>Compact dimensions, DIN cap size</li></ul>




<td width="200" align="center"><a href=" target="_blank"><img src=" alt="ABB Galaxie Circuit Breakers Distributor" border="0">
GD, GH, GN &amp; GV Series</a></td>

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<p align="justify">ABB galaxie circuit breakers are door mounted for AC and DC applications. The breakers offer

thermal-magnetic and magnetic-only trip protection.</p>

<ul><li>Convenient actuators: Switch type, rocker switch &amp; pushbutton</li><li>Various termination mountings</li><li>Tropicalization protection</li><li>480Y/277 VAC</li><li>UL 1077 Recognized - supplemental protective device. UL File # E75741.</li></ul>




<td colspan="2">

<p align="justify">ABB offers the best solution for restoring

the service condition rapidly in case of fault, providing at the

same time optimum protection of the electrical installation.

From the miniature circuit-breakers to the moulded-case and air

circuit-breakers of the standard and high-breaking capacity

type, with the ABB Low Voltage range, every technical problem has

been solved. A reliable and advanced reply which, thanks to

the interaction of electronics, is also present today in the control

and operation stages of electrical installations.</p>

<p align="justify">Our industrial factory automation supplies

distributors warehouse in Boise, Idaho USA stocks some ABB Circuit

Breaker products

enabling us to further assist

you in finding the correct ABB Circuit Breakers for your application in

the USA, Canada and

Mexico. Whether we have ABB

Miniature Circuit Breakers in stock in Boise, Idaho USA or need to get

them from ABB SACE; Clearwater

Tech can get ABB Molded Case

Circuit Breakers to you fast and save you some money! It will be very

helpful if you have the ABB

residual current device part

numbers ready, then our sales representatives can provide you with a

pricing and availability quote for ABB

Miniature Breakers that you are

looking for in seconds. If you do not have the part numbers for ABB

Molded Case Circuit

Breakers, our application

engineers will be able to help you figure out the part numbers and get

the price quote to you as soon

as possible.</p></td></tr></tbody></table></td>




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