Bath Sea Salts & Body Scrubs

Our Pure Dead Sea Salts are combined with the Thyme, Sage or Chamomile to incorporate the relaxing and regenerating properties of the salt, with the fragrant inflammation reducing and pain relieving properties of Thyme. Our salt allows you to unwind while you soak! Wash away fatigue and tension while you relax! It helps your mind and body find balance blissfully.

This Relaxing Body Scrub blends Vanilla and Musk with Dead Sea minerals. This combination revitalizes skin by intense exfoliation giving it a beautiful, healthy glow. It is great for oily, dry or combination skin because it cleanses away oil while restoring moisture to dry skin. This body scrub also contains Aloe Vera and Almond Oil to stimulate blood circulation, which Hydrate the skin and keeps it healthy. The fragrances and essential oils in this relaxing body scrub will calm your body leaving your skin smooth, healthy and gorgeous


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