Body & Lip Butter & Shimmering Powder

Luxury Body Butter:
Velvet and delicious mollycoddle
body butter of Natural care that
gives the body a great flavor and
sweety taste.Thanks to its natural
composition that contains Shea
butter and coca, which helps the
skin moisturizing and soothing, it is
a charming and stimulating butter by
its color and fragrance of strawberry,
Amber and jasmine which can not be
resisted. - 90 dhs

Shimmering Body Powder:
Natural care shimmering body
powder contains Natural Talc which
helps the smoothness and protection
of your Skin, with the feeling of
freshness all the day. - 85 dhs

Lip Butter:
Sweet and Luxury Lip Butter
from Natural care, rich Intensive
Moisturizer for the lips with
great flavors, its creamy butter
melts easily onto the lips,
specially manufactured to help
the prevention of lips dryness,
leaving them soft , shiny and
attractive. - 30 dhs

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Place of Origin : Not Given
FOB Price : AED 30
Minimum Order Quantity : Not Given
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