<div><span lang="EN-US" style=""><div style=""><font size="2"><div style="font-weight: bold; text-align: center;">SHOTCRETE SPRAY ARM</div><div style="font-weight: bold; text-align: center;"><br></div><div style=""><b></b><div style=""><div style="">Contact : Mr. KEN</div><div style="">Tel No   :  00971 2 6737900 /  055 5038200</div><div style="">Email  :  [email]</div><div style="font-weight: bold;"><br></div></div></div><div style="font-weight: bold;"><br></div><div style="">Ace Centro Enterprises (ACE) is your source for Robotic Shotcrete Spray arm. ACE offers shotcrete spray arm to cover  shotcrete applications for tunnels, mines, metros, excavations and hydroelectric power plant projects.</div><div style=""><br></div><div style="">PRODUCT DETAILS:</div><div style=""><br></div><div style="">Atlantic Robotic Spray Arm RSA 500 is the ideal shotcreting system for large and medium tunnels, mines, caverns and high slopes. It offers the flexibility of spraying</div><div style="">pre-mixed wet shotcrete and dry gunite, with steel fibre concrete and polypropylene fibre concrete. With sophisticated engineering, the equipment hasa compact design, small turning radius, rigid chassis, heavy duty off-highway axles, four wheel drive and four wheel steering, thus making it flexible to work in narrow tunnels and meet the toughest conditions on any jobsite In the event of long term hires, back up machines and a minimum quantity of spare parts are provided, to ensure excellent service levels and a trouble free operation.</div><div style=""><br></div><div style="">Please contact us on +971 55 5038200 or [email] with your requirements and we will be glad to provide you with an offer to suit your project.</div></font></div></span></div><div><div><p></p><p></p></div></div>

Specifications :
<p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align: left;"></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align: left;"></p><p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align:justify"></p><ul><li>Suitable for working in tunnels and open slopes with a vertical spraying reach of 17 m.</li><li>Rigid chassis with heavy duty off-road axles.</li><li>Diesel engine for transport mode and electric motor for pumping and spraying.</li><li>Power cable drum with 60 m long cable (100 m Optional).</li><li>4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering with crab mode for easy maneuverability.</li><li>Bi-directional travel with 180° swivel for the driver’s seat and steering wheel to face either direction of travel.</li><li>Onboard Air Compressor for fully automated spraying operation.</li><li>Built-in Dosing System,
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